Stories of Chata Patti


Production Description:

  • 1 Handworked Front Yoke on Organza
  • 1 Sequined and Embroidered Back Yoke on Organza
  • 0.6 meters Sequined and Embroidered Sleeves on Organza
  • 4 Handworked Front Panels on Organza
  • 4 Sequined and Embroidered Back Panels
  • 4 Sequined and Printed Panels for Front and Back
  • 2.6 meters Crystal Encrusted Chata Patti Dupatta
  • 2.25 yards Solid Dyed Cotton Silk Lining
  • 5 yards Solid Dyed Rawsilk for Pants

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Stitched orders will only facilitate with advance payments

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